In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in Naugatuck CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Naugatuck CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in Naugatuck CT

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Private Fitness Trainer Naugatuck CT

Fun facts about Naugatuck Connecticut:
Naugatuck is a town which is loacted in Connecticut. according to the town hall, Naugatuck had a population of about 32 thousand. The school systems here are fantastic and are in the top 25, many students but only a few schools. amny students in town end up going to ther high schools. Naugatuck had a Chemical which remained a subsidiary of the U.S. Rubber Co. . it had gained independence as Uniroyal Chemical Co. They moved their operations to Middlebury. The rivers in Naugatuck were a great way of transportation. The Naugatuck river is a great place to view, and has many tourists visit it alot. the town hall consists of many great people and they support the community. Some awesome navy Ships are located on the shore of this town. There are some major companies located in this town.