In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in East Haven CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in East Haven CT

In-Home Personal Trainer East Haven CT

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Private Fitness Trainer East Haven CT

Fun facts about East Haven Connecticut:
East Haven is a town in New Haven County which is loacted in Connecticut. In 2010 the town population was about 30,000. its loacated about 3 miles east of New Haven, it is part of the Greater New Haven. East Haven is about 35 miles from Hartford, and about 82 miles from New York City. in the past 10 years the city heard repeated complaints from a community about discriminatory treatment and harassment by town police officers. Latinos filed a class action suit of civil rights against the town in 2010. The Town reached settlements in both cases in the 21st centry. They had changes in several areas to improve policing procedure, and more training for the police officers. East Haven is about 35 from Hartford.