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Bill Yeager: International Best-Selling Author, Mental & Physical Transformation Specialist



Books, Authored & Produced



  • Unleash Your Internal Drive

  • Bill Yeager’s True Story of Transformation
    Inspirational audio CD: Wrote, recorded and produced by Bill Yeager

  • Champions Body-for-Life
    Written by Art Carey, Jointly Authored by Bill Yeager

  • Body-for-Life Success Journal
    Written by Bill Phillips, Pg. 60 Bill Yeager

  • Leading Edge Magazine
    Columnist Bill Yeager

  • 3 Obvious Success Patterns

  • Adversity Strikes Us All

  • I Have 24 How Many Do You Have

  • 7 Principles to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

  • The Importance of Sleep

  • How to Conquer Adversity

  • How to Become Disciplined

  • The 10 Strategies for Success in Fitness

  • Why We All Need A Great Coach