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Sports Training and Conditioning







Whether your youth is a beginner or a star of their team, there is always a desire to become a better athlete. There are several benefits to our youth training programs which are explained below. Having a trainer work with your athlete will give them an amazing edge over their competition! In the first 3 sessions, we will be able to identify which essential elements of training needs improvement and balance for their specific sport. As training persists we measure progress in every way possible. Your athlete will not only have fun with their training but also have the ability to celebrate their achievements during their sessions as well. Your athlete will see improvements very quickly so expect to see noticeable changes in their sport in a short period of time. These changes are also noticed by your athlete so they build more and more passion toward their sport and their training.

Sports Performance Training
Combining Physical and Mental Training with Education to
Build Top Athletes

Male & Female Sports
Fall Sports: Cross Country | Field Hockey | Football | Cheerleading | Soccer | Girls Swimming | Girls Diving | Girls Volleyball | Crew

Winter Sports: Basketball | Wrestling | Boys Swimming | Boys Diving | Gymnastics | Ice Hockey | Ski | Cross Country Skiing | Indoor Track | Squash | Water Polo

Spring Sports: Baseball | Softball | Lacrosse | Tennis | Track and Field | Golf | Rugby | Boys Volleyball

Other: Triathlons | Cycling | Kick Boxing | Boxing | Karate | Body Building | Dancing | MMA | Judo

Each program is individualized to each athlete’s age, level of competitiveness, goals, physical & mental assessments, and sport. Sport specific training is based upon the season: in season, off season, or preseason, and the major muscle groups with a sport specific training focus.

Please select from the list below which Sport you are interested in:


Football Performance Training
Baseball Performance Training
Basketball Performance Training
Soccer Performance Training
Lacrosse Performance Training
Ice Hockey Performance Training
Golf Performance Training
Track and Field Performance Training
Swimming Performance Training
Tennis Performance Training
Wrestling Performance Training
Cross Country Performance Training
Softball Performance Training
Field Hockey Performance Training
Volleyball Performance Training
Cheerleading Performance Training
Dancing Performance Training



Mental Training:
• Concentration
• Commitment
• Confidence
• Control
• Determination
• Focus
• Visualization
• Recovery
• Fuel
• Time Management
• Stretching
• Goals
• Posture


Physical Training:
Expected Athletic Performance Improvements:

• Strength
• Power
• Endurance
• Conditioning
• Flexibility
• Core Stabilization
• Speed Development
• Agility
• Fat Loss
• Lean Muscle Gain
• Coordination
• Responsiveness
• Running Technique
• Balance
• Alignment
• Mobility

Expected Athletic Improvements:


• Injury Prevention
• Become more interested in improving habits
• Improved Energy Level
• Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings
• Increased Metabolism
• Increased Leadership & Socialization

Expected Overall Improvements:

• Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem
• Improved Alertness & Concentration in School
• Improve Interpersonal Skills
• Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings
• Better Sleep Patterns
• Healthier Body Image

CT Personal Trainer Unique Sports Performance Personal Training Programs
• Using four very thorough assessments of posture, strength, body fat, and personal questionnaire, your trainer will be able to gauge the athletes’ strengths and limitations in practice and competitions.

• Athletes are provided with their, Athlete’s Success Guide (A.S.G.), which will guide, educate and monitor their progress. A.S.G. is a tool of the training process which is accompanied by the athlete at every training session.

• The A.S.G. includes fueling information with nutrition and hydration guidelines. Additional Nutrition Training packages are also available.

• Goal questionnaire is provided in the A.S.G. and will be filled out by the athlete. Goals will be reviewed by the trainer and athlete, and updated by the athlete when needed.

• Weekly time schedule and monthly schedule is also provided in the A.S.G. for athletes to use as a guide for time management and goal planning.

• Stretching guidelines are provided in the A.S.G. with a picture of the stretch, description of the stretch, and when to perform these certain stretches.

• Athletes can choose between half hour and hour training sessions (ages 10-12 are recommended for a half hour, and ages 13 and older hour sessions) from 3 to 6 day a week packages.

• Trainers will be paired with athletes by sport and athlete needs and based on assessments. Athletes can also choose an available specific trainer.

CT Personal Trainer Unique Sports Performance Psychology Assessment
Assessing physical talent is an obvious component when evaluating an athlete as a prospective player for high school, college, or professional level sports. Recruiters observe athletes in action, conduct various physical endurance tests, and review a player’s stats and videos. An area of increased interest at the high school and college levels are psychological assessments that evaluate how the athlete approaches the game, their teammates and the coaching and training staff. Building confidence, a strong work ethic and teaching various visualization techniques are examples of how psychological assessments get built into an athlete’s training.

Our Psychological Assessment can offer insight into an athlete’s mind and allows CT Personal Trainer to:
• Pinpoint mental blocks that restrict the athlete from reaching their full potential
• Uncover the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses so that training can be designed accordingly
• Assess personality traits, that through psychology research, have been proven to have an impact on performance such mental toughness, competitiveness, and focus
• Test takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete
• Testing is conducted on-site at CT Personal Trainer Centers and is evaluated by the CT Personal Trainer Sports Performance training staff and included in your Sports Performance Binder

Our Psychological Assessment Report/Results Include:

• Introduction and Score: Overview and Overall Athletic Competition Evaluation Score
• Coachability: Assesses whether an athlete’s disposition and attitude are likely to benefit from coaching, or could cause difficulties or friction
• Competitiveness: Degree to which a player strives to be the best and to win
• Accountability: Willingness to be accountable for one’s behavior, decisions, and mistakes
• Work Ethic: Assesses extent to which one puts in a conscious effort to work and play hard
• Team Player: Extent to which a player is supportive of his/her team
• Advice: Tips to help athletes reach their goals

Team Training
CT Personal Trainer can also train your team for clinics and camps. Trainers are able to come to your site or have your team use our facility. Please contact CT Personal Trainer at either location’s phone number or by using the contact form to learn more or to schedule a consultation. Consultations can be done at CT Personal Trainer, or at your teams’ facility.

Ages: 10+

Program: You have many options and packages to choose from regarding how many hours per week of personal training recommended. You may choose from 1 Half Hour per week Session up to 6 days of conditioning per week. Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your youths needs the best.


Partners Option: At a discounted rate you may add up to 2 more of your youths or their friends to join a program together at your request.

Nutrition Training Option: (Highly Recommended) You may purchase the nutrition training program to help accelerate the retention for your youth’s goals.

• The Initial Instruction lasts about 1 hour, is private, and may be accompanied by a parent
• Follow-Up Training & Accountability will be done at every exercise session, the youth is asked to bring in their nutrition follow-up guide every day
• Expect Healthy and Balanced meal planning, no deprivation
• May have occasional “Free Meals”
• Will be more conscious of drinking water
• Decrease preferences for junk foods
• We Hold High Confidentiality Standards


To learn more in depth information about our methods that are used for all of our programs, please visit our Complete Services and Descriptions Page

Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your youths needs the best.

Please select from the list below which Sport Camp you are interested in:


Football Camps in CT
Baseball Camps in CT
Basketball Camps in CT
Soccer Camps in CT
Lacrosse Camps in CT
Ice Hockey Camps in CT
Golf Camps in CT
Track and Field Camps in CT
Swimming Camps in CT
Tennis Camps in CT
Wrestling Camps in CT
Cross Country Camps in CT
Softball Camps in CT
Field Hockey Camps in CT
Volleyball Camps in CT
Cheerleading Camps in CT
Dancing Camps in CT



*Joe Z.

In the past 8 months,CT Personal Trainer has helped me transform from 138 to 155 pounds, increasing both my lean muscle mass and my ability to compete in soccer at the varsity high school level as a sophomore. The workouts I was put through tested not only my physical endurance but also my mental strength. These sessions were something to look forward to. The staff takes on a personal approach and they allow you to feel comfortable.

*Liz B.

I love how friendly everyone is, and how my workouts are tailored to my goals and body. I feel so much healthier and happier. I love coming to every session, I would recommend to anyone!

*Cole S.

Youth Sports Training: “CT Personal Trainer has not only helped me look better and perform better in soccer but it has made me feel better. Thank you for pushing me to my limits during training sessions.”