Fitness Training Services and Descriptions

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-One Consultation, Completely focused on you and your goals
-One Fitness and Nutrition Assessment during your consultation
-One thorough mindset evaluation to assess readiness 

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CT Personal Trainer is the “All Inclusive” solution to achieving your goal and keeping it for a LIFESTYLE!

If there is an element that plays a role in reaching your goal, it’s included in ALL of our Programs!

*Our facility is solely based on one-on-one training to give you the best full attention in our comfortable private setting!

**As some Elements may be configured differently for a successful transformation, our Meal Planning is included in ALL of our Programs due to the significance it has in changing your body!!

Below you will discover the difference between the average “Trainer” and a CT Personal Trainer! Underneath is a list of all the significant elements we provide, a description about each element and the significance it has in our Programs/Systems!

As you will find there is a lot involved to ensure success in reaching your physical goals, if any elements are missing or not performed properly then you will have little to no results. (This is why many people fail when they try it on their own!) We specialize in perfect configuration in all the below elements to ensure your success!

Essential Elements
*All of these Elements are also ongoing and continually
assessed to ensure the best configuration to be in line with your goals!

1. Evaluation: Complete Past, Present & Goal Assessment
2. Evaluation: Current Health/Ailment Evaluation
3. Evaluation: Body Composition Testing & Measuring Success

4. Nutrition: Meal Plan Design
5. Nutrition: Accountability & Counseling

6. Exercise: Strength Training
7. Exercise: Cardiovascular Training
8. Exercise: Accountability

9. Training: Motivational Support
10. Training: Expert Supervision & Safety
11. Training: Complete Exercise Training Logging

12. Lifestyle: Continuing the Journey

***Below you will find our Essential Elements defined in
more detail along with the purpose and significance of each!

Essential Elements: DEFINED

1. Evaluation: Complete Past, Present & Goal Assessment

In order to achieve your goal we need to learn more about your past and how you’ve gotten to the condition you are in now. This will help us identify what patterns may need to be broken and what new patterns may need to be installed. Once we’ve identified these patterns we create strategies for you to break and install new patterns and habits. Complete past and present assessments include evaluations about how you feel and have felt about yourself mentally and physically; past/present exercise habits (if any), past/present eating and drinking habits, past/present sleeping habits, past/present stress related problems, past/present energy level patterns, past/present mental changes and past/present physical changes. All of these factors will play a major role in the foundation of your physique development. Following our assessment process we can easily spot a poor habit to begin installing new habits for success towards your goal and a better quality of life!

Now that we know your past and present habits, we need to know were you want to be! You MUST have a clear vision; you can’t reach a goal if you don’t know what it is specifically! Goal setting has an odd connotation attached to it in our society because of the strange methods we’ve been exposed to. When you use our techniques to make a real decision of what you want and why you want it specifically, then you will have lasting drive and motivation to get there instead of only drive in the beginning. There are many things to think about achieving that will come with your physical goals such as life feelings, life experiences, confidence, relationship changes, your contribution to family and others, financial changes and your health to name a few! All these awesome changes are why we call this change a transformation! Because it’s not just a physical change, it’s a LIFE change! You are investing in your longevity! This specific type of method of focus will create an awesome foundation for your success.

2. Evaluation: Current Health/Ailment Evaluation

In order to best understand how to condition your body we must first understand what it has been through! There could have been injuries in the past that we may need to be aware of so we can work around them. Any health problems or concerns should be presented to us so they do not get amplified or worse. We can work around most injuries; people without limbs have gone through this program effectively! In most cases Members doctors have taken them off medications and what once were ailments have been relieved!

Before any training begins, we will do a complete health evaluation focusing on your current status and any past injuries. Included in the evaluation we’ll need to know of any medications you are taking or have taken, any mental problems and any physical traumas or problems (especially treated by a physician). It is wise to consult your physician before beginning an exercise and nutrition routine to possibly get advice of what to avoid. Many physicians will review your history and remind you of an ailment and/or to be cautious in possible areas of the body or to avoid certain nutritional foods. Remember building a smart strong foundation will help you later on!

3. Evaluation: Body Composition Testing & Measuring Success

Your body composition will be tested weekly. This will show us your percentage of body fat, body fat in pounds and lean mass in pounds on your body. From this measurement we can put an exact number of how much fat is being lost and lean muscle growth each week. Talk about motivation! When you see your body fat go down and/or your muscle mass go up EACH WEEK it’s enough to keep you moving forward! It creates some awesome motivation and momentum to constantly see results each week.

Using our programs you should be seeing and feeling results quickly (weekly)! The quality of measurement is important; this is why we take a body composition test! A scale does not tell you enough information and can get you down in the beginning of a program, which unfortunately is why people will fail their programs when they try other methods. You need that motivation each week so it creates a snowball effect of results, so you want to see more and more! This is so important, especially during the foundation of a program! In some cases people will even have results but only measure themselves by the scale. The scale is not enough! They could’ve lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle in 1 week and the scale won’t show that, it just shows the weight. So they look at the scale after busting their butt for a week to look at the number and see no change, when actually that was a good week! They just couldn’t see their success with that type of measurement! What happens is, they get discouraged and they slow their momentum down. With our measurements, you’ll see exactly what you need to see!

Our body composition test is quick, easy and comfortable! Testing can be done with others watching, unlike other methods where you need to go behind closed doors, take most of your clothes off privately with someone you barely know. This is very uncomfortable for most people! Not many facilities will use our type method, there is an additional cost built into their systems at the other clubs as well. At CT Personal Trainer, we’ve built this free system into our packages so there is no extra charge for this benefit to our Members!

4. Nutrition: Meal Plan Design

Your very first training session will be the foundation of the program, your nutrition training! Our Members are shown how simple meal planning can be using basic nutritious foods. No “trick diets” just the right portions of proteins, carbs and veggies that you get to choose from, that you enjoy! This is so simple to learn how to do and usually only takes about a half an hour. What is so great about this instruction is that we show you not only how to eat to reach your goal but to use these eating habits as a way of life. This way there is no confusion as to “what’s next, after I reach my goals?”

You will receive our:

  • 10 simple and basic principles to follow
  • A complete list of several good tasting foods to choose from
  • A full week example for reference
  • A starting map with the foods you enjoy (that you choose from) to eliminate confusion
  • Complete logs to follow as you go for simplicity but more importantly, to hold you accountable!
  • Detailed information to understand WHY our principles work
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes

The FREE DAY: You should think of the free day as an opportunity to choose “unauthorized” foods. It’s not about losing control. That being said; listen to your body but eat what you want! Metabolically, you’re trying to convince your body that it doesn’t have to lower its metabolism, shed muscle, or defend its fat stores in response to the change in its “environment”… which will also increase the speed that you lose body fat!!!

5. Nutrition: Accountability & Counseling

Every time we see you, you submit your logs to us for an evaluation to make sure you are on track towards success and to make any adjustments if needed. During this evaluation, we assess if all of the principles are being followed to ensure your weekly success (during body composition tests & measurements) and success towards your goal! This way, we can “kill any monsters while they are little!” If any adjustments are needed they are made immediately. If there is any psychological reasons why your meal plan wasn’t followed (i.e.: bingeing) then you are given strategies and we can redirect your focus to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The program’s design is meant to stabilize blood sugar levels and give you constant energy during your day. It is very commonly expressed major increases in energy and well being during the first week! There are many other mental and physical benefits to your program that we assess on a daily bases to make sure you are experiencing what you deserve throughout this Program… A better quality of life!

6. Exercise: Strength Training

The strength training is a routine performed on separate days than the cardio training days. (At most 3 days a week!) This type of training session is also designed to speed up the metabolism and burn fat faster. By just adding a little more muscle to the body it will have a better shape and tone without looking too muscular. These sessions will typically last about an hour. During the session you will be training each one of your energy systems at the highest level of metabolic activity using the most effective training techniques to reach your goal quickly and most effectively. The key to these trainings is that they are brief, structured, progressive and fun!

There are normally 2 types of Strength Training Sessions:

  • Upper Body Sessions where we train your major muscle groups in the upper half of your body
  • Lower Body Sessions where we train your major muscle groups in the lower half of your body… including abs on this day

There is always a 4-5 day rest in between Upper and Lower body training days for the perfect amount of recovery time for best results that compound during each session. You get to see results and celebrate as you go; this is why the program works so well! You get to enjoy the process too!

7. Exercise: Cardiovascular Training

The cardio training is a routine performed on separate days than the strength training days. (At most 3 days a week!) Typically these sessions will be about a half hour, that’s it. This is the most effective session for progress toward your goal while maintaining a busy lifestyle. You are in and out of your training on these days and you will continue to burn body fat even after you’ve left! This happens because each time you do it you amplify your metabolism to burn fat faster for not only a goal change but a lifestyle change! This session structure (like the strength training) is also brief, structured, progressive and fun!

With our type of structured cardio training sessions your body only needs 36 to 48 hours to recover for progress each time it is performed. Commonly people will ask why they can’t just do the cardio on their own. Well, you can, but we take all the specific measurements each minute for you and make ongoing calculations during the exercise to make you feel like you are performing the same routine as the last time you did it, when actually you go further (in distance) each time! If you do this each time, your body gets much more efficient at a much higher rate. Without precise measurements and instruction how to manipulate this to occur then it can damage your workout, this is why having one of our trainers perform it for you holds so much value!

8. Exercise: Accountability

Some people think if they just have a fitness routine given to them, they would simply follow it and reach their goals. Most commonly, this is not the case because they lack accountability. Being held accountable means that we make sure you do the exercises when and how you are supposed to do them. Accountability alone makes a WORLD of difference when embarking towards a goal! When you have someone here waiting for you to attend your session, whose job is to make sure you make it there, (and has heard every excuse in the book) chances are you’ll get there!

Sometimes, Members simply need us to redirect their focus to get them to attend their session. The power of their environment is making them focus elsewhere (away from their purpose and goals). For us it’s quite simple and systematic to get someone back on track and hold them accountable for attendance! We aren’t going to “let you off the hook” like you might do to yourself. The one thing that is required for most people more than anything when reaching for a goal is that they are accountable to someone for its follow through. When the going gets tuff, the difference between someone who is successful or not is the one who followed through. These are the people who didn’t rationalize their way out of it. We make sure you stay on track!

9. Training: Motivational Support

Having a program is one thing, FOLLOWING a program is another! Next to Accountability comes Motivation. We can’t be around you 24/7, only you and your thoughts can be! You’ll get the support you need not just to start your program but to see it through to the finish and get the results that you really want. To achieve this is to receive constant motivation; our motivational systems begin every time we see you, starting with your “greeting” to when you walk out the door.

Everyone will exercise harder when they have someone (safely) pushing them. What is common is that people will start out going “full-bore” on their own (especially after the first of the year) but that enthusiasm wanes as the boredom sets in. We have specific format changing criteria for the most effective sessions you can have so you don’t “plateau” and neither does your spirits! We do this by simply stimulating an adaptation response on a structured and consistent basis.

By monitoring what your needs are and coaching you in the form of a “pep talk” or “focus” change, you are able to keep the enthusiasm that you had in the beginning of the program and going all the way through to the awesome results at the end of the road! In order for you to be successful you need to enjoy the process!

10. Training: Expert Supervision & Safety

Everything that we do at CT Personal Trainer is solely based on one-on-one training. We give you the guidance how to use equipment and perform exercises properly and safely. If you are exercising improperly, you are likely to get injured, which means you have to stop exercising, leaving you discouraged and further from your goal. Proper form, spotting and the release of resistance exercise equipment is constant during your sessions to keep you safe! Most “fitness centers” won’t let you “drop” equipment which in many cases could lead to injury such as hyperextension or a pulled muscle. You can drop equipment here. There are safe techniques to do this for everyone, we have the environment to do so.

RESULTS: There are so many exercises and ways to perform them; it can be confusing for most people to choose which one is best for them. Commonly, they look around at the gym to see what others are doing. Even if they are doing it wrong too! “I know little about building a house, so I wouldn’t go building it myself. I’d hire someone to do it RIGHT for me THE FIRST TIME and move on with my life” Too many people try to do this with their bodies; they don’t realize how much is involved to REALLY make it happen! It’s not just eat less (deprive yourself) and exercise, this format just doesn’t cut it!!! Our personal trainers will show you the right exercises to do to get the results you are looking for in the least possible time.

11. Training: Complete Exercise Training Logging

We perform all the exercise logging throughout every Cardio, Upper and Lower body session for you so you don’t have to think about a thing! Our Logging is not simple note taking – it is extraordinarily structured and specific for your best results. For many reasons, we must stimulate an adaptation response every workout. So by taking specific logs of just about everything possible then it gives your trainer enough data to do so. Here is a short list of what is logged: start, end and total time, exercise form and specific physical adjustments to any machine alignments, rep structure resistance amount, trainer rep assistance, rest period format, trainer estimated and Member estimated intensity levels with comparison to goal level structures, muscle groups and order of performance…and more!

By logging and knowing precisely what has been done before then we can compare it to a new session to manipulate your body to become more efficient (perform better) each time with precision, perfection and progression. It makes you feel like putting forth the same effort but performing better every time, which also ads to enjoying the process by celebrating your daily successes!

12. Lifestyle: Continuing the Journey

The initial focus is to reach a certain goal; overall we want you to keep that goal. (Not just achieve it and say, “now what?”) Many people ask, “What’s happens after my program?” This is something that you discuss with us as you proceed through the program. (You learn so much with our training techniques it’s like an exercise & nutrition submersion course.) We want to make sure you keep the physique that you deserve, so we are available to support that in a number of ways. I know once you’re there you’ll have already had a great experience associated with eating right and exercising that you want to continue. We have many Members reach their goal who check in with us 1-2 times per month just to hold them accountable and other Members have seen us almost every day for years. Which ever works for you is best, there are many options.

In most cases it took years of habits to create an unhappy physique, in a short period of time we break them. We want to make sure they stay broken and you don’t go back to old habits. Remember the entire program is design to create a lifestyle so it’s not “hard” to do; it’s all about a lifestyle change!

Something also to think about is that goals change. People have different “realistic” images in their mind of what they want to look/feel like. Sometimes people use the word “realistic” as an excuse not to get to their true potential. When you realize how quickly you can reach your goal, your goal may change to something even greater. Whichever you chose we can create a program for you to follow if goals change during or after a program to suit your needs! We’re here for you, no matter what!!