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In-Home Personal Trainer Danbury CT

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Private Personal Fitness Trainer Danbury CT

Fun facts about Danbury Connecticut:
Danbury is a city in northern Fairfield Countywhich is located in Connecticut. It is about 70 miles towards New York City. Danbury’s population during 2010 was nearly 81,000. Danbury is the fourth most populated city in Fairfield County. It is seventh in the Connecticut cities. The city was named from many of the early settlers, Danbury, Essex, England, and has been called other names as well. its history in the hat industry, at one point it had produced 25% of America’s hats. Danbury is home to a one of the main hospitals as well as Western Connecticut State University. Danbury aslo has a great library free to the public to enter. This town is a very historical place and it has some museums for these events.