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In-Home Personal Trainer in Bozrah CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in Bozrah CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Bozrah CT

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Private Personal Fitness Trainer Bozrah CT

Fun facts about Bozrah Connecticut:
Bozrah is a town in located Connecticut. According to the town hall, the population in Bozrah was nearly 3,000. It contains three little villages, these three villages are Fitchville, Leffingwell, and Gilman. This town has a decent school system. Some camping sites in Bozrah consist of Odetah, a well-known caming spot. Many kids and young adults go to this camping resort. Many great people that work there and a great place to fish. The lake here is clean and kept up. All of there sites are pretty much maintained and clean, many activities and places to go as this area is huge. Many schools go here for a summer camp and sometimes schools go here for school field trips which is very recommended if you are looking to have an amazing time.