In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in Milford CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Milford CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in Milford CT

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Private Fitness Trainer Milford CT

Fun facts about Milford Connecticut:
Milford is a city that is loacted on the water, it is loacted in Connecticut. Milfird is located between Bridgeport and New Haven. The city contains the incorporated borough of Woodmont and the unincorporated village of Devon. to begin with this land was named “Wepawaug”. but after the small river which runs through the town, and which has given its name to several streets which was both Milford and Orange. Some fun places to go could be the baseball field that was played on by some of the greatest players, of the high school of course. Milfords baseball team is great and was state champions a few years back for there high school. The team that one the championships had some great discipline.