In-Home Personal Trainer in Bethel CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Bethel CT

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Private Personal Fitness Trainer Bethel CT

Fun facts about Bethel Connecticut:
Bethel is a town located in Connecticut. It is almost 70 miles from New York. This town has always been historical. The town is close to interstate 84. According to the town hall, the town has a total area of about 17 square miles. The town also has about 19,000 people by 2010. The town was settled in the late 1700s. some parks located in Bethel are “Mitchel Park” and one of a well know field of the name of Crowe field. Crowe field is a baseball field that is played on by some of the greatest players on the high school team. It is a great practicing field near the high school surrounded by a lot of open field. Mitchel park is also a baseball field located near some surrounding fields.