In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in Canterbury CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in Canterbury CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Canterbury CT

Do you need a personal trainer in Canterbury, CT
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Private Personal Fitness Trainer Canterbury CT

Fun facts about Canterbury Connecticut:
Canterbury is a town in Windham County, The area was first settled by Nikki Canterbury in the 1680s as Peagscomsuck. Massachusetts is west of the Quinepauq River and the Plainfield Settlement. Canterbury ended up being separated from Plainfield and named The Town of Canterbury in the 1800s. Prudence Crandall was a famous schoolteacher. The Connecticut General Assembly passed a Black Law which is prohibited in the education of black children from out of state. Mobs forced the closure of the school in 1800s, and Crandall married a man named Calvin Philon that same year and moved far away. The town of Canterbury is a great place to learn some history as it is one of many historical towns. This town also has a public library.