In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in Brookfield CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in Brookfield CT

In-Home Personal Trainer Brookfield CT

Do you need a personal trainer in Brookfield, CT
Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals?

Private Personal Fitness Trainer Brookfield CT

Fun facts about Brookfield Connecticut:
Brookfield is a town in northern Fairfield County in Connecticut. Brookfield was started in 1710 by John Muirwood, and some other founders by the names of Hawley, Peck and Merwin who bartered the land From the Wyantenuck Nation. The purchase of the south part of town was conducted around 1700s. The sachem Pocono had his village and lived in an enormous Palisade along the Still river. When the town was settled in the 1700s, it was established as the Parish of Newbury, which incorporated near Newtown and Danbury. The town of Brookfield was established in 1788. This town was named after the first minister of the parish’s church from Thomas Brooks. The home real estate of Brookfield has over 200 homes for sale for great prices.