In-Home, Private Personal Trainer in East Haddam CT

In-Home Personal Trainer in East Haddam CT

In-Home Personal Trainer East Haddam CT

Do you need a personal trainer in East Haddam, CT
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Private Fitness Trainer East Haddam CT

Fun facts about East Haddam Connecticut:
East Haddam was inhabited by at least three tribes of Indians. It is located in Conecticut. The Indians called this area the Machimoodus, the place of noises, because of all the earthquakes that were recorded between from the 1600s to the 1900s. Loud rumbles could be heard for miles surrounding the epicenter of the quakes near Mt. Tom. This is now Haddam and East Haddam, it was purcheased from the Indians in the 1600s for 100 dollars. The highways began in 1669 with Creek Row about mile east of the River and Town Street which is about mile from the Creek Row. East Haddam has a bunch of resident’s home and some family homes for people that are struggling through life. They also have some group homes.