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Lose 2+lbs Per WEEK!

Welcome to Connecticut’s longest running Boot Camp Training Program That Burns more Fat Faster, Gets You Fit And Toned!

CT Personal Trainer, Voted the #1 on the leading review sites, is your fitness and fat loss exercise program and is designed & implemented by your Certified Personal Trainer to burn fat and get you in the best shape of your life!


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Victoria Group Training
“Everyone in the groups are super nice!”



Learn more about our boot-camps below!

Have you always wanted to get into shape, but keep putting it off? Or maybe you’ve wondered if you really have the time and money to go through with it, pushing it down the to-do list for another time? Well, you don’t need to make anymore excuses. CT Personal Trainer fitness boot camp classes are designed to be affordable, accessible, and all you need to get on a steady path to wellness.

Our custom-designed high intensity interval training (HITT) program was created to accommodate everyone, no matter the shape or ability. So, whether you’re a newbie fresh to the fitness scene or an experienced fitness buff in need of a tune-up or new routine, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of personal trainers have worked with an extensive range of wellness seekers. So, we can work with anyone and everyone to help determine a perfect path to a healthier self. Do you feel that you would get more out of a class environment with a group of goal-sharing peers? Then, you’ll have a great time in one of our structured HIIT classes. We offer classes of varying skill levels throughout the day and evening. If your days are busy and jam packed, join us for an evening class. If your nights are a constant rush of activity, start your day in class with us! Looking for personalized training with a smaller crowd? Our semi-private boot camp classes are designed to meet your fitness goals without a huge audience. Whatever you need to get to where you want to be, we do our best to provide it.

We are sensitive to the individual needs of everyone looking for healthier fitness alternatives. Sometimes, working out isn’t just about the physical challenge. It can be a mental challenge, too. That includes having a dedicated mindset toward reaching your goals. It might also mean feeling self-conscious about getting into better shape in a public place.

At CT Personal Trainer, we push a proactive approach to fitness and go to great lengths to dissuade body shaming and self-doubt. We are proud to maintain a nonjudgmental atmosphere and encourage everyone to do what they must to feel fantastic. Positive encouragement fosters healthier environments. By providing an optimal space for your mental and physical growth, the sky is the limit.

If you’ve been searching for fitness boot camps in Connecticut that can fit your budget and schedule, then you’ve come to the right place. CT Personal Trainer Center is dedicated to fitness and well-being, bringing out your best self. It’s never too late to become a better you. Let us join you on your journey and, together, we’ll reach your ultimate fitness goals.

How & Why

“HIIT” Style Trainings




Feel welcomed by our staff and feel the camaraderie from your Team in these “HIIT” type Trainings! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is the most effective way to get results fast! Your Certified Personal Trainer will work around any skill level and most injuries!

“HIIT” Low to High Intervals creates the AFTER BURN EFFECT!

Burn more after exercise!

It’s All About YOU!
CT Personal Trainer’s Boot Camp Training program is a fitness, toning & fat loss program that is results driven.

You can expect:

  • Your attendance to be the best part of your day!
  • High Energy, Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Non-Intimidating Atmosphere
  • Personalization, Safe, Fun & RESULTS Programmed by your Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Affordability


Boot Camp Training Description

As explained below, Training’s focus on individualization with a small Client max per session as they are NOT ” very large group classes”.

We PRIDE ourselves in offering Nationally Certified Personal Trainers at your disposal after consulting with you to find what your specific needs are, at the best prices!

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  • Fitness Diagnostic Testing
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“HIIT Fit” Boot Camp Training
MAJOR Benefits: Rapid Fat Loss & Tone

Our “HIIT Fit” Boot Camp Training class is far superior to other methods by producing rapid fat loss, increased cardiovascular capacity and increases in strength, endurance, muscle size and tone in half the time! Our class is fun and involves changes in exercises that are brief, infrequent and intense to prevent boredom while challenging each participant to perform at their personal peak performance. For beginners to experienced.

View our schedule below

  • 45 Minutes Training Time
  • Tone, Tighten and Burn Calories FAST!
  • HIIT Type Training using your own Body Weight

Interested in a FREE 10 Day unlimited trial pass?

That way there is absolutely no risk or obligation to learn how we can help you reach your goals!

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