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No matter what your age, goals or current condition, we can design a routine to build your best body!



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-One Consultation, Completely focused on you and your goals
-One Fitness and Nutrition Assessment during your consultation
-One thorough mindset evaluation to assess readiness

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Amy A.
“I was lucky enough to learn about CT Personal Trainer from a friend who also used a personal trainer. Since I started working out at CT Personal Trainer I immediately noticed results!”
Hamden, CT 06514

Bill Y.
“I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played.”
Hamden, CT 06514





Bill Yeager- President of CT Personal Trainer


Hamden Personal Training

Come every January 1, I would make a resolution to get in shape and to lose weight, but every year I found myself in the same old hole. Not liking what I saw in the mirror, feeling unhealthy, feeling tired and lethargic – I knew that weight loss could only happen if I committed myself to real change. I know how it feels to not like the way you look. I simply did not know where to start.

Instead of just jumping on a bandwagon diet or exercise program, I decided to interview many individuals who I know had been successful at losing weight – but also at keeping it off. After spending a good amount of time interviewing successful weight loss candidates, I came up with a target plan that helped me lose all of the weight, and it can help you, too! I call this my Essential Elements to weight loss. If you live in Hamden or are looking for a personal trainer in Hamden, we can definitely help you lose the weight.

Many Hamden personal training programs miss the mark by leaving out some of these crucial elements to weight loss. When I train, I hit every element on the mark, giving every individual a personalized, well-rounded weight loss plan. We train in a private, comfortable setting at a reasonable pace to help you lose weight. Please feel free to look through our website, and think of any questions that you may have regarding our Hamden Personal Training services. Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by!


The best one-on-one Personal Trainer Hamden CT

Elise B.
You guys at CT Personal Trainer are the best! You have brought me from near depression to being excited everyday to attend. My body and mind are in a totally different place now. Thank you to my personal trainers for making such a difference in my life and fitness!
Hamden, CT 06514

I went from playing second string to gaining 30 pounds of muscle and starting Varsity Football as a sophomore with my personal trainer. The speed and agility changes made a big difference in the way I played. I’ve been able to keep with it for 2 seasons long now and feel great. This has boosted my confidence level, work ethic and has overall made me a happier person.
Hamden, CT 06514

Rose T.
“I just wanted to have some fun with my grandchildren and new I needed a personal trainer to help. Now I’m not in pain and have so much more energy. ” I can walk up and down the stairs so much faster now and not get out of breath at all. I love my workouts, the staff is very friendly and always push me to the right amount. Thanks to my extended family at CT Personal Trainer!
Hamden, CT 06514



No Obligation FREE Consultation!


-One Consultation, Completely focused on you and your goals
-One Fitness and Nutrition Assessment during your consultation
-One thorough mindset evaluation to assess readiness

Click HERE for your FREE Consultation!

Your Own Personal Trainer in Hamden CT

You are here because you are looking for a Hamden CT Personal Trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

Congratulations on finding CT Personal Trainer!  Our certified professionals will be happy to train you at your location or at one of ours. Your choice!

We are here to MOTIVATE you!

At CT Personal Trainer, we have dedicated ourselves to teaching, educating, motivating, inspiring and supporting our clients so that they can reach their highest potential—pushing through barriers during every single session. It is also our purpose to help our surrounding community, as well as to make your life better, easier, healthier, and filled with more energy.

For those people searching for a Personal Trainer in Hamden CT, and in surrounding towns, we pride ourselves on developing and designing healthy, safe exercise programs that have the greatest impact on changing lives. By revamping your lifestyle, fitness routines, and nutritional habits, you will simply make life better. You are going to gain productivity, increase your energy and become happier. We at CT Personal Trainer know that by optimizing your body, you will reach your fitness and weight loss goals. You will transform and then you feel healthier and more confident than ever before. Like other clients before you, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and our personal trainers are always ready to inspire and motivate you to make a positive change in your life. Don’t worry if you have some physical limitations; we know how to work with virtually all physical limitations, so that they do not get in the way of you reaching your goals.

Have you noticed that so many people these days seem to be on some fad diet?  Or downing unknown supplements? And yet, they don’t seem to show any results.  In our current culture and with existing technology, we have extraordinary ways to get information, and with so much varying information out there, whom should we be listening to? Information overload can be overwhelming and can also upend initiating a healthy routine in the first place. But we are happy you found us! And you’ve found your Hamden CT Personal Trainer! Allow our trainers to act as your health and wellness coaches and eliminate all of the distractions from information overload. We provide the tools you need to be successful in reaching any weight loss, strength-gaining and fitness goal. Starting at the very beginning, we will give you your first assessment and learn of your goals, and then we will recommend the best exercise and nutritional routine that will have the greatest impact on YOUR life.

Hamden CT Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counseling

When looking to learn about proper nutrition, what do you look for in a Nutrition coach? Do you wonder if their program will be some fad diet or one that is impossible to maintain over the long-term? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to find the right nutrition fit and nutrition coach for you and your needs? Are you fearful that the person will not have experience? Or that you will feel hungry and deprived on their program? Are you afraid you won’t get results or find it impossible to stick to?

At CT Personal Trainer, you will be taught healthy eating for life when you hire your very own Personal Trainer in Hamden CT. Our nutrition program will help you achieve quick, yet sustainable results so that you can gain confidence, increase momentum, look better and feel great.

It is our practice to customize your nutritional program –from your very first assessment– which will evaluate your metabolism, your fitness and weight loss goals, your activity level, the foods you like to eat and your lifestyle. Our techniques have helped so many of our clients lose a large amount of body fat, quickly and safely, and allowed them to keep it off and maintain their healthful lifestyle! Once on our nutrition program, you will never feel hungry or starved. We know –but what many people don’t realize– that one needs to eat to lose weight, that starving oneself is detrimental to one’s metabolism, and that it doesn’t work for long-term results. Your Personal Trainer in Hamden CT will thoroughly educate you on everything you need to know about our nutrition program in order to be successful!

Our Hamden CT Personal Trainers will educate you on:

  • Creative and unique ways to reduce your sugar cravings
  • The truth about how sleep affects your hormones and the negative result on weight loss
  • Delicious and tasty foods that burn stubborn stomach fat
  • The truth about getting flat abs without using medication or pills
  • Mindset techniques that include motivation and inspiration so you will succeed
  • Certain foods that you should NEVER consume

Personal Trainer in Hamden CT Will Bring Results

Are you upset and frustrated with the way you look? The way you feel? Are you feeling sluggish and have no energy? Do you find going shopping for clothes is depressing? Do you feel upset at the image looking back at you in the mirror?

CT Personal Trainer will pair you with your very own Personal Trainer in Hamden CT, who will help you in tackling these common issues; we will change your mindset, motivate you to get moving and to attain your goals, and get you to a point where you love your body and your life.

We will provide you with BREAKTHROUGHS!

What we have found is that by the time a person finds our website, they are beyond frustrated with how they look and feel, or they have a loved one who is. Negative looks and negative comments about a way someone appears, looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, clothes not fitting, being teased, and/or feeling tired and lethargic all the time—these are common problems we hear all the time. CT Personal Trainer understands that working in today’s fast-paced and stressful environment has made losing fat and getting healthy seem like almost unattainable goals. Often, it is not easy, but we know that with the right tools that our Personal Trainer in Hamden CT will give to you, we can help you completely reshape your body and life.

Your Hamden CT Personal Trainer is Waiting to Meet You

Our Personal Trainers in Hamden CT make our clients happy with the results that we help them achieve – we coach clients on how to maximize our training and nutritional program for major results. You too can trust the quality of service and the proper coaching techniques from each one of our personal trainers.

Our trainers are:

  • Highly qualified professionals who are focused on your results
  • Inspiring, motivating and fun, and our clients love it!
  • Trained in providing high quality service on a consistent ongoing basis
  • Educators and coaches to our clients so that our clients are empowered
  • Current and up-to-date on the latest certifications for nutrition & personal training techniques

Our extensive quality, experience and positive attitude from our Hamden CT Personal Trainers are the winning formula for our clients!

In-Home Program for Personal Trainers in Hamden CT

Are you looking for someone to train you in your own home or location? If you have interest in our In-Home program, talk to our Personal Trainer in Hamden CT. We welcome the chance to speak with you about your overall health and your fitness goals. At CT Personal Trainer, we believe in multi-faceted techniques that will address your health concerns. Your certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant will discuss individualized nutrition recommendations with you to meet your preferences and needs; these are the most valuable aspects of our program.

Hamden CT residents know that we have a lot to do in Hamden that will destress us, for instance, restaurants at every turn! We also know, however, that we have some of the worst traffic in the area and one of the fastest-paced cultures in the nation. These things, and others, will add up to an enormous amount of stress in our lives. But at CT Personal Trainer, we use a holistic approach to decrease the stress in your life, through our in-home coaching and training sessions. Not only do we like to focus on important everyday things like eating, sleeping, planning your food, exercising and resistance training, but we also like to dig deeper into physiological issues that might decrease your progression.

We know that sometimes convenience and comfort are factors, so our in-home program for a Personal Trainer in Hamden CT is a fantastic option. Call us so we can set up a regular schedule that works, or we can devise a weekly schedule so that you have more flexibility. Review our website and look at all we have to offer beyond your typical local personal trainer.


Your Experienced & Certified Personal Trainer in Hamden Connecticut

CT Personal Trainer is your premier destination for a personal trainer in Hamden, CT. Our dedicated team of fitness professionals is committed to transforming lives, one workout at a time. Nestled in the heart of Hamden, CT, our trainers are intimately familiar with the local community, offering customized fitness solutions to meet your unique needs. From the picturesque Hamden Town Center to the scenic trails of Sleeping Giant State Park, our personal trainers are well-versed in utilizing these beautiful local resources to create dynamic, results-driven workout experiences.

When you choose a personal trainer in Hamden, CT, with CT Personal Trainer, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. We understand the specific fitness challenges that residents face in Hamden, from staying active during the New England winters to making the most of the thriving local fitness scene. Our trainers will guide you to achieve your health and fitness goals, whether it’s toning up for a stroll through Brooksvale Park or preparing for an active summer at Lake Whitney.

At CT Personal Trainer, we pride ourselves on not just being personal trainers but also community enthusiasts who are deeply connected to the people and places that make Hamden, CT unique. We’re here to inspire and support you on your fitness journey, ensuring you achieve your goals in the charming surroundings of Hamden, CT. With CT Personal Trainer, your path to a healthier and happier life starts right here in Hamden, CT, with our dedicated personal trainers by your side.

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