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Are you looking for a Field Hockey Camp or training in Connecticut?
If so then their performance in field hockey is extremely important. Good field hockey camps in CT are hard to find if they exist at all at the time you want. Although they are beneficial your child will not get individual attention to their needs and camps are very limited in Connecticut. This is why we offer one-on-one Field Hockey Specific Personal Training for your athlete. Don’t be fooled by other parents who don’t disclose what their athletes do. The best of the best use coaches and trainers year round. We have been training athletes since 2002 that have become good to amazing to getting full scholarships.

Field Hockey Specific Personal Training
Field Hockey training may be position specific. Field Hockey players need the speed of a sprinter, stamina of a marathon runner, agility and quickness of position change, coordination and focus. Besides the physical conditioning, Field Hockey players must possess excellent eye coordination as well.

The use of resistance training for Field Hockey must be balanced to provide more stamina in all muscles and at the same time to build strength. Besides the strength in the legs their must also be superior upper body strength which is needed to maintain position, defend against opponents and support with balance for shooting.

Goalies require superior overall strength. Although their position is more static than the rest of the positions, they still must maintain high levels of endurance have fast reflexes and must be sharp with fast reaction times. The upper body requires exercises and movements during trainings. A great variety of legwork should be included to train all aspects of the legs. Cardio-vascular and aerobic training is a must for lacrosse players.

Expected Field Hockey & Athletic Performance Improvements:

• Improved Speed
• Posture
• Running Technique
• Balance
• Agility
• Alignment
• Mobility
• Creativity
• Flexibility
• Fat Loss
• Endurance
• Lean Muscle Gain
• Coordination
• Overall Strength
• Responsiveness
• Core Strength

Expected Field Hockey & Athletic Improvements:


• Injury Prevention
• Become more interested in improving habits
• Improved Energy Level
• Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings
• Increased Metabolism
• Increased Leadership & Socialization

Expected Overall Improvements:

• Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem
• Improved Alertness & Concentration in School
• Improve Interpersonal Skills
• Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings
• Better Sleep Patterns
• Healthier Body Image

Type: One-on-One Personal Training

Ages: 7-17

Program: You have many options and packages to choose from regarding how many hours per week of personal training recommended. You may choose from 1 Half Hour per week Session up to 6 days of conditioning per week. Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your youths needs the best.


Partners Option: At a discounted rate you may add up to 2 more of your youths or their friends to join a program together at your request.

Nutrition Training Option: (Highly Recommended) You may purchase the nutrition training program to help accelerate the retention for your youth’s goals.

• The Initial Instruction lasts about 1 hour, is private, and may be accompanied by a parent
• Follow-Up Training & Accountability will be done at every exercise session, the youth is asked to bring in their nutrition follow-up guide every day
• Expect Healthy and Balanced meal planning, no deprivation
• May have occasional “Free Meals”
• Will be more conscious of drinking water
• Decrease preferences for junk foods
• We Hold High Confidentiality Standards

To learn more in depth information about our methods that are used for all of our programs, please visit our Complete Services and Descriptions Page

Please contact us for your consultation so we can work together to find what fits your youths needs the best.